The Fourth Thursday In November

Posted 2 years ago

The fourth Thursday in November, the day American families come together to fellowship and give thanks for another year’s bounty. From every part of the world, sons and daughters make their way home for Thanksgiving dinner. Along with the turkey and dressing and cranberry sauce, and of course the sweet potato pie (stuffing and pumpkin pie if that’s your preference), we Americans also like to pig out on some football. No Thanksgiving meal is complete without a stop in Detroit to see the Lions get carved up, then on to Dallas to watch the Cowboys feast. Since 1966, when the team with the star joined the festivities, this has been a Turkey Day tradition for millions of Americans.

While the Lions have played on this quintessential American holiday since 1934, at best, they are still only king of the jungle. Yet, the upstart Cowboys are “America’s Team,” and some would say Heaven’s team too. (Remember they purposely left a hole in the roof of the old stadium so GOD could watch.) Putting aside my own Motor City biases, I’m curious to know; exactly how and when did the Cowboys leapfrog the Lions to become America’s team? According to Wikipedia, it began in 1978 when John Facenda of NFL Films so ordained them. No doubt, John’s majestic baritone played a major role in spreading the word, but I’m almost positive the name predates 1978. Am I right or wrong? If you know the real origin of the “America’s Team” moniker, I want to hear from you. Hit me up and let’s settle this once and for all.

On a final note, when you sit down with family this Thursday to count your blessings, remember the brave men and women of the Armed Forces who can’t be with theirs. Whether you root for the Cowboys or anybody but, please join Towne Group and the entire Dallas Cowboys organization in saluting America’s military who stand guard around the world. To them we all say, Thank you for your service and Happy Thanksgiving!


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